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A major manufacturer/distributer of consumer goods produces their product at their own production facility. One of their critical machines malfunctioned and required extensive repairs estimated to take several weeks.

This customer contacted us and inquired if we could help them maintain their high production quota during the repair period. We reviewed the requirements with the customer and developed a plan to solve this emergency and meet the workload.

  • Inconsistent Final Product
  • Delivery Issues
  • High Shipping Costs
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PSP - Capabilities Solve Major Manufacturer's Crisis

  • Produce High Specification Product in Short Time
  • Maintain Production Cost
Production Expertise
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  • Major Manufacturer Equipment Failure
  • Customers Need to Maintain
  • Manufacturing Quotas

We set up their dies on a dedicated machine and began to produce their product to their exacting specifications. We increased our workforce by adding three shifts, running seven days a week to meet production demands. The repairs took three weeks, yet the change over from their manufacturing facility to Precision Stamping Products, Inc. was seamless and invisible to
their customers.

This is a case where the extensive amount of machines available, our ability to adapt and act quickly, and our total commitment to solving very difficult problems, proved invaluable to a customer in need.

  • Part Manufactured Overseas
  • No Material Certification
  • No Traceable Production Documents
  • Inefficient Production Process


PSP - Solving the Big Problems​

PSP Solution

The customer originally produced the product in China due to lower costs, but was having issues with delivery, product quality, lack of documents and high shipping costs. PSP met with the customer and developed a program to solve their problems all for a cost actually lower than what they were currently paying for the China production.

Precision Stamping Products, Inc. provided detailed material certifications (heat treating/Rockwell hardness and plating) and complete production/QC documents. We modified the part production to a 15-station progressive die process, reducing both labor and material handling, as well as dramatically improving the product quality and consistency.

Producing the part in America, plus the added bonus of our location in the middle of the country, saved costs on shipping and provided the customer with a much more efficient way to order parts, reduce upfront costs for stock inventory and simplified any required upgrades or modifications.